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Custom Furniture. Bespoke Headboards. Timeless Elegance.

When it comes to decorating the bedroom, nothing ties the room together or provides the main focal point as a headboard does.

bedroom with a marble walls feature.

Sure, bedside tables, ottomans, dressers, wardrobes, and shelving are all essential in the bedroom, but without a headboard that connects all the individual pieces, your bedroom will always be missing something.

beige bedroom.

Whether you want to update the style direction without splashing out on a full bed frame, or maybe you’d like to divide the room and create personal space.

Perhaps you are tired of the clutter and need a headboard with storage, headboards don’t only serve an aesthetic goal, they are functional as well.
brown bedroom.

From our state-of-the-art workshop in Park Royal, London.

At Yasmeen Joinery, we proudly design, build, deliver and install fully bespoke headboards for any bed size, specification and requirements.

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our process

how we
do it

01. Initial Consultation
Here is where we understand your vision, your requirements...
02. Conceptual Designs & Quote
We put all gathered information, sketches, pictures, measurements and notes...
03. Technical Designs
Detailed 3D technical designs covering all aspects and details of the project...
04. Manufacturing
Craft your bespoke product from our local, state of the art workshop...
05. Installation
We will coordinate with you a convenient time for delivery or installation...
06. Handover
The project manager will inspect the completed project with you...

why choose Yasmeen Joinery bespoke headboards?

At Yasmeen Joinery, we understand that the decision to upgrade your kitchen is a major one, both financially and mentally. Questions need to be answered, information provided, doubts eased, potential problems identified (and solved) and this begins with a personal meeting and a location visit (when possible) or a virtual survey (depending on your preference) and this is ALWAYS complimentary with no obligations or commitments on you. None.

Not all joinery companies can boast of having a state-of-the-art workshop, but we can. Our workshop, coupled with the experts working the tools and turning quality wood into generational heirlooms, set us apart from the rest. In-house manufacturing allows us to constantly test new methods and materials and rigorously check every piece made.

Not only can we manufacture and install beautiful kitchen cabinets and worktops, but we can also carry out full kitchen refurbishments in conjunction with our sister company, Yasmeen property Services. This ensures that everything is done house, meaning that there are no subcontractors and provides a quality refurbishment for a more affordable price.

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Yes, of course! We can provide samples of all our wood, fabrics and more.

Furniture is a wide-ranging term that defines any movable object with the purpose of making a room more liveable. Bespoke means it’s made to measure for you. Considering that furniture includes chairs, sofas, tables, desks and a plethora of other options, and considering that some bespoke furniture pieces can take hours to make, while others need weeks or months, prices are always best discussed on a per-project basis.

We offer both fitted and free-standing furniture, but all furniture is made to measure for you.

Yes, in every way. Bespoke doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive, more lead times or more challenging. It simply means it’s made to measure, ensuring the absolute best fit, the most space-saving, and allows you to add your personal style touches on the design.


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