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December 2021

Kensington High Street is considered amongst many as being one of London’s most popular and exclusive shopping streets, with swanky shops serving an affluent area enjoyed equally by both residents and tourists.

The prestigious area and surroundings meant work must be delicate, in addition to the complex and large-scale nature of the project meant this fit-out was more challenging (on paper) than others.

commercial joinery counter.

Our sister company Yasmeen Property Services was the main contractor on this project and all the joinery works was done by us, Yasmeen Joinery.

A variety of joinery products were required for the fit-out, but the awkward space distribution and floor plan required precise measurements, drawings, and manufacturing, never a problem with Yasmeen Joinery.

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The Shop Interior design contained a lot of glass and marble and we worked alongside our suppliers to source, manufacture and install high quality glass and marble, and all this was coordinated internally with the client having one point of contact only, the project manager.

what was built

Joinery Cupboards
We manufactured a large number of cupboards for the client to store products and stock, complete with soft-closing doors and shelving inside.

We sourced high quality marble and integrated it in the worktop to ensure a great looking and functioning piece.
Joinery Storage
The client’s brief described the need to create and increase storage space. After surveying the shop to indentify all the unused (and underused) spaces, we then alleviated their space problem through a bespoke storage solution in the form of custom-made cupboards that utilised every CM of available space and allowed the client to increase their overall storage capacity considerably.

We also made sure to cover the cabinets in the same wood cladding that we used throughout the shop to ensure a consistent design.
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Joinery Shelving

We created bespoke frames for the shelving. The frames carry the same design as the shop and have built-in LED lighting.
Display Joinery Behind Till
The display piece behind the till is a major focus point and is considered the centrepiece of the shop. It a complex display unit that must offer the best in both form and function.

We created a unique and elegant piece that not only looks great, but doubles as storage as well. We also included built-in LED lighting and shelving made from high quality glass.

Finally, we cut-out double sockets in the unit to ensure maximum convenience.
Bakery Joinery
This area is for displaying the client’s bakery products. We created a bespoke storage and display solution that takes into consideration the awkward floor space and ensures the client’s products are well displayed and every CM of space is utilised.

We also added built-in LED lighting all around so that the client’s products are well lit, and we added bottom glass partitioning.

Circular Shelving

We manufactured a number of these circular shelving units that are located around the shop.
Wall Cladding
We installed wooden cladding around most walls in the shop. The cladding along with our bespoke joinery created a great design that consistently carries out throughout.
our process

how we
do it

From your initial concept to completion, we aim to deliver in about 6-8 weeks, this is our tried and tested process:

01. Initial Consultation

Here is where we understand your vision, your requirements; sometimes, translating the vision in your head to an idea on paper is the hardest step in the process, but we are good at it.
But that’s not all. We also accurately measure (and remeasure for accuracy), take photos (when allowed), and draw sketches. The goal here is to gather as much information as possible as accurately as possible.

02. Conceptual Designs & Quote

We put all gathered information, sketches, pictures, measurements and notes to good use and design initial concepts and sketches.
The sketches range from hand-drawn to elevation line drawings or 3D visuals. Along with these sketches, you will receive a quote detailing the associated costs. Our payment plan usually is a 30% deposit, 30% once manufacturing is completed, 20% on the day of installation and the final 20% after completion.

03. Technical Designs

Once the quote and initial concepts are approved, we expand on them with detailed 3D technical designs covering all aspects and details of the project ensuring a perfect fit, before we even begin.

04. Manufacturing

Our skilled team will expertly craft your bespoke product from our local, state of the art workshop located in Park Royal London (NW10).
We have rigorous quality control checks at every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring every item produced adheres to the highest quality standards. Our Quality Control Checks include assembling all items in our workshop and disassembling them to prepare them for transport.

05. Installation

At the agreed date and once the manufacturing and all the associated quality checks are completed, we will coordinate with you a convenient time for delivery or installation
The item will be carefully packaged to ensure problem-free transport. If your item requires fitting or installation, we will ensure it’s done to the highest standards, and once the work is completed, we remove any debris, tools and old furniture and clean the location thoroughly, ensuring we always leave a space in a better condition than we found it.

06. Handover

The project manager will inspect the completed project with you, once we’re happy with the item and the installation, our work is finally done and the handover is complete...
We will provide you with your warranty and aftercare details, and we might request an honest review from you.Rest assured, you are in safe hands. We offer guarantees on all of our products as well as on our installation.

why choose us

Wooden craftsman working with a plank.
No person or company is perfect, and if a problem should occur during the job (regardless of who is to blame), we respond immediately and work with you to find the best resolution. Our company is built on repeat business and referrals, so we make sure we deliver a quality service where customer satisfaction is our top priority.
We know others can do it “cheaper”, but no one can provide a similar personalised service, the same quality experience from idea to installation at our competitive prices.
No matter how big the job, how many people are working on it, your single point of contact (Project Manager) ensures everything is coordinated, everyone is on the same page and on track to deliver on time.
We can work alongside other architects, contractors, or construction companies, or we can provide complete and comprehensive property services that range from full design and build, project management, and joinery services through our sister company Yasmeen Property Services.
Our employees are very skilled with a combined experience spanning over ten years, but sometimes, very rarely, problems outside of our control can happen, and when they do, our insurance is there to ensure you’re never out of pocket.

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